100 Crypts Level 44 Walkthrough
12 zodiac signs on the wheel
5 zodiac signs on the circle button
hint : press the zodiac sign when the triangle on top of the wheel is on the same sign

100 crypts level 44 solution :
do it in order from left to right
when you start, the 1st zodiac sign is already in the correct spot
so press the button
shake your phone or device to make the sign jump 3 spot, start tapping the wheel until you get the 2nd sign on top (it will need 5x press, if i’m not mistaken)
press the 2nd zodiac sign button
shake your phone and press until you get the 3rd zodiac sign then tap the button
repeat this method for the 4th and 5th zodiac sign
the wheel will gone if you doing it correctly

press green arrow and move to stage 45